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The city of Cannes hosts annually numerous events such as International Film Festival, MIDEM and MIPIM. The participants of such events often have a very busy agenda during their visit, which is why it is vital that their activities stay on schedule and the services provided are flawless. Any demand, even if it is unexpected, should be met within the shortest possible timeframe to maintain the comfort of the client.
Are you the company that wants to organize leisure time for your employees? Choose the team of professionals that has a presence on the FRENCH RIVIERA since 1985 in order to meet the individual preferences of your employees through the network that Locarama established and maintained during all these years. Whether it is accommodation, transport, organization of events, catering, Locarama finds a solution for all of your requests. The time spent on site will be organized to optimize your stay and promote the efficiency of the meetings and appointments.
Are you the individual who wants to organize the travel for yourself, your couple or the family? Locarama will offer the tailored option that satisfies your needs. If you wish to arrange the accommodation, transport or other activities, Locarama will arrange everything in a way that your only concern will be to have a good time and relax.



The Côte d'Azur is a residence to some of the finest hotels in the world and the restaurants with the biggest names in French gastronomy. With the strong relationships and partnerships maintained almost for 30 years Locarama will arrange your bookings in major hotels and restaurants in the area. It will help you to make a choice according to your tastes, desires and expectations.




Do you need to optimize time during your stay? Do you seek comfort? Locarama takes care of finding a Private Jet for you in Nice or Cannes. Do not spend any time on baggage registration and boarding! Locarama will find the aircraft that fits your needs!


Do you need an urgent transfer to Monaco or Saint-Tropez? Would you like to spend time flying over the beautiful scenery of the Côte d'Azur? Thanks to its partners, Locarama will find you a helicopter in minutes! Travel to Monaco or St. Tropez in 15 minutes and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Esterel and the rest of the French Riviera!



Locarama will find all the service providers you need to decorate your venue for any function or reception. Whether it is floral decorations or advertising displays setting, the design of your room or finding a music band to perform, LOCARAMA always provides the solution tailored to your needs and budgets.



Thanks to its privileged partnership with the WILLS CAR CENTER Locarama can get you a car you need in few minutes only. From the electrical or thermal cars that don’t require drivers’ license to the prestige cars like Ferrari or Bentley, whether you look for a city dweller, the spacious sedan or a van, you have plenty of options! You don’t have to do more but to describe your needs and preferences for the preferred vehicle that will be delivered to the place of your choice at any time.
You will get a car equipped with all latest features. Would you rather hire a LIMOUSINE? Locarama will offer you a car with a driver. He will pick you up and drop you off wherever you like at any time.



If there are receptions and events, Locarama uses the best caterers and chefs to prepare your meals and buffets of at the highest standards of gourmet restaurants! Appetizers, entrees, desserts or wine and liquors are available for you. Treat yourself your guests with a tasting experience you will not soon forget! We can also offer a Michelin star chef to cook for your event.